Kolkata votes tomorrow

Our maid is around 70 years old. Today morning, she saw a leaflet distributed by Sujan Charkraborty of CPI(M) lying on the floor while sweeping my room.
maid:ভোট দেতি হবে (have to vote)
me: কাকে দেবে? (whom will you vote?)
maid: অামরা তো এইটেতে দি ..(points to CPI(M)-s symbol and says we give on “this”!)
me: এটায় দাও বলেই এটায় দেবে? (you’ll vote “this” because you always vote “this”?)
maid:(utterly confused) … এট্টা নোক এয়েচিল, সে বলে গেছে মেসনের ওপর এটা বরাবর বোতাম থাকবে উটা টিপি দেলিই ব্যস .. হয়ে যাবে. (a guy came and said to press the button adjacent to this on the machine – that’s all).

Something like this:(from the candidate’s website)

me: ও বলেছে বলেই তুমি ওটায় দেবে? অারও অনেক দলের ছবি থাকবে মেসিনে, তুমি চাইলে তাদেরও দিতে পার… (just because he said so, you’ll vote “that”? you can vote for others too..),
maid:(even more confused) ..অারও নোক এয়েচিল, তারাও বলছিল …দেখি ছেলে কি বলে, টিপে দেব’খন কোন একটায়..(more people came, ..lemme see what my son says, will press any goddamn button)

Shakes off all signs of confusion, gives a million dollar smile … and leaves with the broom sweeping the dirt on the floor. Now, its my turn to be confused! Should I exercise 49(O) or go vote the lesser evil?

I wrote it here because I can’t microblog this in 140 chars or facebook this.

4 thoughts on “Kolkata votes tomorrow”

  1. Wish I was in Kolkata at this time! Unfortunately, the star of my constitutency is none other than Didi the Great! But if I had belonged to Jadavpur, I would have surely voted for Kabir Suman. Not that I have great expectations from him, but just for the sake of prefering him over the Left front. KABIR SUMAN, TOMAKE CHAI!!! [:P]

  2. I WAS a big Suman Chatujje fan once… yeah, that’s the way I should wrap it up.
    @Shamashis – do we vote for a party or the candidate? It’s quite a cliche that members are not above the party.

  3. Unfortunately, This is the situation all over the country. People do not use their brains. They listen to persons whom they consider to be the powerful and so called educated. We are rightly penalised for our own deeds. It is up to you to decide to vote for a party or a candidate but ensure educating Indians so that they can think. I have faith on our younger generation. You can bring in a change in the mindset. You, who are interested in political activities, please do join and make people who matters, listen to you and voices muffled by Political mafia.

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